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Enterprise Scale Data Pipeline Orchestration with Automated Data Governance 

Now that we have assisted you with the ingestion of your data, let us help you validate, transform, capture and augment your data and its governance with BDM Control. 

A new approach to your data 

BDM Control allows you to move beyond the ingestion of your data into your cloud environment, and enables you automate and simplify your pipeline creation and management.

Our product provides you with Discrete Data Management functionality allowing you control your information at a granular level,  while being secure in the knowledge that your data has been fully validated for Data Governance. 

BDM Control provides you with Enterprise Scale Data Pipeline Orchestration capability, allowing you guarantee the requisite agility, scale and resilience you require to meet your data management needs.

BDM Control’s automation of data governance ensures all data pipeline operations are captured and stored in your data catalogue, augmenting the data as required, guaranteeing that the view of your data in its catalogue is always consistent with the data that is currently in your data lake.

Fully integrated with Control-M from BMC, we provide a dashboard of all data pipeline activity, along with an easy to use drag and drop interface for pipeline workflow creation

BDM Control provides automated functionality to validate the completeness and integrity of your data as it moves into and within your data lake. The integrity validation functionality is customizable and extensible to ensure all data types and formats can be validated.

Enhanced Data Transformation

BDM Control provides over 250+ functions for data transformations, incorporating both Python and SQL programming disciplines, ensuring all technical disciplines are catered for.

Highly secure and easy to use Tokenization functionality ensures your data is always protected to the highest levels.

Easy to create templating, combined with smart scheduling options, enables Self Service data for data consumers - both business and technical users.


What makes our platform special

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Platform-agnostic software works with all environments

BDM's architecture is designed to be compatible and interoperable with all major enterprise data management, data governance and ETL tools. No matter what toolset you are using, BDM Control will allow you integrate all of your tools to give you one centralized view of your data from which you can implement your data strategy. 

Simplify vendor management 

Our platform doesn’t just free your enterprise from the frustrations of incompatibility —it allows you to integrate your current and future investments so that you can create the data platform that works for your business.

Connected Solutions, Managed in One Place

This platform can easily adapt to your requirements with elastic scalability to meet the peak demands of ever-increasing data, users, and complexity of use cases.

Risk reduction

With businesses investing more in centralised governance control, you can integrate enterprise data protection into the data pipeline process to help reduce risks specific to data quality across the organisation.

Security and compliance

By being able to protect and anonymize data, not only can your enterprise ensure it is always compliant with ever-changing regulations, but you can also take advantage of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI with confidence.

Supports all major cloud environments

BDM Control provides the ability to deploy and manage Spark on Kubernetes on your cloud of choice (AWS, Azure, GCP) with native Kubernetes as a Service offering.

Bluemetrix will integrate with all major on-cloud data storage and data management tools, simplifying the integration of your data on the cloud.

At all times, your data will remain in your cloud environment and will only be accessible to your data engineering team, guaranteeing the security and provenance of your data.


Frequently Asked Questions

Select from the following list of Product and Technical FAQs. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions about creating Pipelines, configuring Sources and Destinations, and working with Models. 


What is BDM Control?

BDM Control is an Enterprise Scale Data Pipeline Orchestration platform that allows data professionals to automate and simplify the processing of data in Data Lake environments, enabling pipeline creation in minutes and hours rather than days and weeks, in a secure and compliant manner.

Is BDM Control for me?

BDM Control was built for a wide range of data professionals who are working in environments that range from large scale enterprise corporations to mid-sized SME's, that are looking for a scalable data management tool that will allow them manage their data easily in a secure and compliant manner.

How can BDM Control help with data security?

BDM Control offers anonymization and tokenization functionality that helps you safeguard your data and remain compliant with all data privacy regulations. For more specific info around data masking, you can check out here. For more specific info around data tokenization, you can check out here.

Do I have to do anything if an API endpoint is changed?

No, the Bluemetrix team will update the connector. BDM Control is fully managed, including managing your destination schema in addition to staying ahead of API changes for all connectors.

Is my data secure? Does Bluemetrix store my data?

BDM is deployed in your cloud environment. The data will always be stored in your own environment and Bluemetrix will never have access to your data. Bluemetrix is fully GDPR compliant.

How does Bluemetrix handle changes in the source, such as schema or API changes?

Our pipelines are configured to handle new fields or tables added to your source gracefully, so you don’t need to make manual adjustments in the UI. As changes occur in the data source, these changes are implemented at the data destinatrion, and at the same all data pipeline owners are informed of the changes to ensure that their pipeline is always processing the most up to data information. We constantly monitor and stay ahead of API changes or deprecations so you don’t need to think about it.

Can Bluemetrix help with data transformation?

Yes, we have more than 200+ transformation functions on the pipeline that suits your organisation’s needs. You can check out our page for more details. However, if you require custom transformations then there are two options available to you:

  • Bluemetrix will create a custom transformation for you and upload it to BDM
  • You will write your own UDF and upload this to BDM

What functionality does BDM Control support within data governance?

All data governance capabilities – Audit, Tagging, Change Tracking, and Lineage – are available and enabled to help you automatically integrate your data pipeline to data governance tools of your choice. For more info, check out our page here.

What scheduler tools does BDM Control support?

BDM Control has Control-M available by default, but it is fully compatiable with all major enterprise schedulers. Our customers will have the ability to use multiple schedulers in their final deployment. Schedulers that are supported are as follows:

  • Control-M - Server version and Helix
  • Azure Scheduler
  • Google Scheduler
  • AWS Scheduler
  • Tivoli
  • Airflow

How do I contact the Bluemetrix support team?

Bluemetrix has a dedicated, fully trained support team that supports every customer with an email ticketing system and agreed response time - enabling our customers to meet the requirements of their busy workloads. If you need to contact Bluemetrix, please send a mail to the following address: info@bluemetrix.com

What cloud environment does BDM Control support?

Bluemetrix loads data from any of your pipelines to a Destination system of your choice, including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Using their native Kubernetes as a Service offering, BDM Control will be deployed and operate in your cloud account.

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