Hadoop is topical at the moment as it is the platform of choice for Big Data projects. Most companies are trying to carry out Machine Learning and AI projects on their data to enable them to gain more business insights from the data and to enable them to deliver more to their own organisations and customers. The vast majority of these projects are being carried out on a Hadoop platform as this is the platform best capable of handling the volumes of data required for analysis and the platform that the analytic tools have been developed for. Following these 5 steps will allow you to get your Hadoop cluster deployed and operational with data ingested and manipulated within a matter of days, allowing you spend the rest of the month working on your use case application.

  • Using this methodology, any Data Science team can prove the business for a Hadoop Big Data project without ever having to be Hadoop experts.
  • This is the cheapest solution as it uses low-cost tools to automate the process.
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