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The BM Data Governance module captures all events, processes and actions that are carried out on the data as it is ingested onto the Hadoop cluster, normalised and transformed, and stored in Hive. It is the first tool that provides end-to-end data governance across the full cycle.

It stores all of this data in two locations – on a standalone database on Hive and in Altas or Navigator – and provides metrics and reports on the state and quality of the data on the cluster. Graphical reports are available to show the Lineage and Meta Data that is stored on all of the different entities, and customisable KPI’s are available to measure the quality and validity of the data that is stored.

hadoop data governance

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Governance task automation

When we utilise Atlas and Navigator to record these actions and events, this happens in the background so that the user does not need to create or develop any code for Atlas or Navigator. Data Manager automatically creates and deploys all of the necessary code that is required by Atlas and Navigator in the ingest and transformation stages.


hadoop GDPR

We have also built in GDPR compliance into each step, so that it becomes part of the ingest and transformation process rather than an add-on function that is carried out later. For example, before data is ingested onto Hadoop we will require the user to clarify the following information:

  • Retention date for the data
  • Expiration date for the date
  • Identification of PII or Sensitive Data
  • Confirmation that the correct permissions have been received from the owner of the data

Similar information is required during the transformation process, ensuring that all data is processed to meet GDPR regulations.

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