Getting Hadoop to work for you

Engagement & Pricing Model

We have a very simple and transparent pricing model for our managed services. This means our customers have control of their expenditure at all times. The model has two distinct parts to it:

  1. Day-to-Day Operations – 8*5 or 24*7
  2. Here the customer pays a flat monthly fee per node on the cluster for the following services:
    • Daily Monitoring and Event Management – Service Availability, Service Accessibility, Alerts and Warnings, Logfile checks, Disk checks, Back-Ups, etc.
    • Monitor all Master and Slave nodes – Accessibility, Re-start nodes, etc.
    • Workload and Performance Monitoring
    • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution
    • Planned Maintenance
    • Bug Fixes and Minor Stack upgrades
    • Weekly reports

Ad-Hoc Support Hours

Here the customer commits to a minimum purchase of Support Hours in advance and can draw down on these hours as needed to help with application development, training, etc.

hadoop services pricing

We work with all the major Hadoop distributions on all different types of environments…..

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

public cloud

Public Cloud

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud

server deployment

Own Server Deployment


Why choose Bluemetrix?

There are 3 reasons to choose Bluemetrix for this service……

Some of our clients


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