10 Point Hadoop Security Audit

Hadoop-powered Big Data infrastructure provides an incredible opportunity to create a new generation of insight. Collecting, analysing and making decisions based on analysis of massive amounts of data sets from various sources is very powerful, but also creates risks.

The three main security and data governance Hadoop risks



What does this risk mean for organisations?

A weakness in your Hadoop cluster leads to a weakness in your overall IT security. Access control, privacy restrictions, regulatory requirements such as GPDR mean that without robust security controls and protocols, ‘Big Data can become a Big Problem’. As a result, it is imperative that any Hadoop weaknesses are quickly identified and closed off.


Introducing the Bluemetrix 10 point Hadoop security audit

Bluemetrix is an expert in the security and governance of Hadoop. We have been working on Hadoop projects for blue chip clients for ten+ years, and have developed the most comprehensive Security Audit available that harnesses the experience of an expert team.

The Bluemetrix Hadoop Security Audit is a forensic investigation of the security levels operating in your cluster today. The Bluemetrix Hadoop Security Audit provides unique capabilities beyond those of other vendors to help you:

Some of our clients


The 10 point security audit

Bluemetrix has created the most comprehensive security audit of any Hadoop cluster available today. First we start with a review of your data, how it is stored, then we review your OS, cluster architecture and configuration, and finally, we examine how your applications are running on your Hadoop cluster.  hadoop-security-audit-shield-400px

  • Review and categorise data to be processed
  • Review metadata backup plan
  • Review industry best practice for your operating system on Hadoop environment
  • Review hardware settings on cluster
  • Review stack cluster settings against best practices
  • Review cluster architecture
  • Review integration between Hadoop cluster and existing environment
  • Review application development against best practices
  • Review backup and disaster recovery operations
  • Review use case

What will the 10 Step Bluemetrix Security Audit deliver for you?

At the end of the process the Bluemetrix Security Audit will deliver: hadoop-security-audi-550pxt

  1. Identifies and exposes security weaknesses in the architecture / stack
  2. Analysis of efficiencies, robustness and security of the architecture / stack
  3. Recommend fixes

Working with Fortune 500 companies across all industry sectors

Finance, Telecom, Automotive, Retail, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Industrial & Government – helping them on all aspects of their deployment from Architecture, Infrastructure, Security, Operations, Development and Data Science


How long does 10 Step Bluemetrix Security Audit take?

A typical audit will take two working weeks to complete.

How much does the 10 Step Bluemetrix Security Audit cost?

A typical audit starts at Euro 4,990 + VAT

Without ensuring your Hadoop architecture is secure, your ‘Big-Data’ programme can easily become a ‘Big-Issue’ with a ‘Big Price Tag’ due to the impending GDPR legislation. The 10 Point Bluemetrix Security Audit can solve this problem in a short period of time. It will deliver a comprehensive action plan to resolve any issues. Contact us now.

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