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Hortonworks Data Platform Support

Extend your team with the expertise necessary to operate and scale your modern data platform. Bluemetrix can help maintain your operation of the HDP platform.

Your HDP is reaching its end-of-life.
What can you do next?

If you're still running on an earlier version of the Hortonworks Platform (3.x or earlier), then it's time to assess your options because your existing platform technology stack may be reaching its End-of-Life. 

Migrate onto a new CDP or Cloud Platform?

Cloudera has released an in-place upgrade to Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), where you can use the software delivered by ATP to migrate data to CDP, private cloud or any other cloud storage. 

Keep your existing HDP platform running?

You may still request extended support at some stages, but with the current version of HDP reaching the end of life, any major production issue will fall solely on your platform administration team's shoulder to solve.

 To know more about how Bluemetrix can help you maintain your HDP platform, reach out to us below.  

At Bluemetrix, we know that moving on-premises data to a public or private cloud can be an overwhelming decision. With years of experience working with Cloudera and Hortonworks alike, our team of skilled engineers is ready to help mitigate the effects of the end-of-life HDP platform.

Bluemetrix Support for HDP Environments

Our support model helps you gain clarity on how to best achieve your business and technology objectives. With a proven discovery methodology, we help you to keep your infrastructure operating at maximum efficiency and in a secure manner.

Core Platform Support
  • Cluster Architecture & Design 

  • Cluster Infrastructure Set-up

  • Cluster Security 

  • Performance Optimization 

  • Hadoop Jobs monitoring, application Enhancements 

  • Data Science & Analytics Modeling 

Support Offerings
  • Advanced Troubleshooting and solution of issues

  • Apply patches/bug fixes on smaller libraries e.g. Hive Warehouse Connector vectorization issue

  • Apply system level patches that do not require compilation of the stack

Service Improvement
  • Continuous Monitoring 

  • Regular RCA analysis & reporting

  • Preventative Maintenance  Optimization

  • SLA Improvements 

  • Support Portal ticket system

  • Health Check Service Delivery

Why Leverage Managed Services from Bluemetrix?

As one of the few companies with a large degree of CDP & HDP expertise, we have been helping clients move to data lake solutions since 2013.

With our 12 years of experience working with Hadoop and delivering over 400+ data lakes across EMEA and APAC regions, we understand how this transition time can slow or prevent organisations from scaling their true potential.


Whether you decide to maintain, upgrade or migrate your Hortonworks Data Platform, Bluemetrix's skilled and experienced consultant can help you take your big data platform to the next level. 

Bluemetrix Section Breaker Enhanced  4.jpg

You know you can operate and scale, but not sure of the right architecture, platform and tools to use. 

Bluemetrix provides a unified approach for Data Lake to help you quickly and decisively scale up your cloud migration today. 

Our risk assessment promise

Our certified consultants will work with you to analyse your Big Data ecosystem, use cases and goals, and provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective plan for your Hadoop Data Platform. This is a standalone service offered by expert, certified consultants with years of experience working with the Hadoop Data Platform.

At the end of the engagement, you will have a detailed assessment of your environment and recommended options, alongside a blueprint of the easiest path to continuity and expansion.

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What Our Clients Say

Bluemetrix has a team of knowledgeable staff who are available 24/7/365 to assist with issues in the cloud or on-premises with our database. The team was an extension of our technical group, allowing us to scale the migration program quickly.

VP of Data Platforms,
Large Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Take the next step with Bluemetrix

Support, security, onboarding and implementation help is just two clicks away. 

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