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Automate and Enforce Collibra Data Policy with Bluemetrix

GDPR Compliance
Bluemetrix & Collibra 

Take the pain out of policy management & enforcement 


You want to deliver your data governance program across your enterprise without compromising on security or compliance, but the range of data, users and activities in your enterprise is vast and complex. Simply having data policies in place without ensuring they are correctly enforced and implemented will let your enterprise run the risk of falling short of its security and governance controls. 

The Bluemetrix Data Manager Platform empowers you to automatically enforce data policies in Collibra without any manual intervention. This simplifies the implementation of data governance, secure data sharing and access, efficient data protection and provisioning at scale– all from within Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM).

Bluemetrix & Collibra

Leveraging Data Governance on your digital journey 

As today's enterprises strive to integrate their data assets in a secure and compliant manner while delivering on their digital transformation journey, Collibra and Bluemetrix bring an innovative and scalable approach that helps customers operationalize data governance programs into their data operations environment.


​ BDM's s full-service Spark ETL platform automates and streamlines Data Policy enforcement which ultimately speeds up the secure integration and dissemination of their data assets, helping customers unleash the value of data on their digital transformation initiatives

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Bluemetrix & Collibra

Make it easier to manage data policies


Collect and enforce all Tag and Standard based Data Policies in the Collibra Data Platform. Bluemetrix automatically captures and creates data from everywhere: Lineage data, Technical meta-data, Business meta-data, GDPR compliance data, other compliance data and more. With BDM, your organisation will be secure in the knowledge that all data policies have been applied as they were intended to, ensuring that your data assets are being used in a secure and compliant manner.

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How it works​

For all data sources in the pipeline, BDM checks for any Tags and Standards that govern the data source

When each Tag and Standard is found, the system determines if a corresponding rule exists in BDM e.g., all data that has a PII Tag must be tokenized on Write

Before the Pipeline executes a Write, all Tag and Standard-based rules are automatically applied to the pipeline e.g., for all data assets that are tagged PII, BDM automatically applies a Tokenization function to the data before it is written to its destination

In this way, BDM will automatically enforce and execute the Collibra Data Policies associated with each data source in the pipeline

Bluemetrix & Collibra 

Creating success with a shared understanding of data

Automation of policy enforcement removes security risks brought about by non-compliance   

Self- Service Data Capabilities

Providing a data discovery solution in combination with a data authorisation solution

Bluemetrix allows users to create a more automated and operational governance environment

The automation of policies guarantees enforcement and compliance with policies across the enterprise

Integration of ETL and governance tools in single solution


Collibra & Bluemetrix: 
Automating and Enforcing Data Policy for Data Governance

BDM automates the execution of Collibra Tag and Standard based policies on all data sources as they are consumed by the user, ensuring compliance with all Data Policies.

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