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Data Quality & Trust

Validate the Consistency & Integrity of your data as it moves within your Data Lake

Poor-quality data undermines business digital initiatives and weakens competitive standing and leads to customer distrust. Given the growth in data that companies are seeing, which will continue to grow exponentially as 5G and IoT Data becomes more mainstream – validating the quality of data has to be seen as a process and not an end.


As data changes rapidly the definition of what is accurate may change from day to day (or hour to hour), and you need a system that will capture these changes and identify the changes that are significant for your business.

BDM has taken the best of these solutions, enabling you to record, measure and apply data validation checks, as it moves within your data lake. Whenever data is moved into a data lake, outside of a data lake, or within a data lake. This movement is carried out through a pipeline that is created in BDM and the data can be validated at all steps of the way.

Create a culture of Data Trust

Head of Data 
  • Manage data processing consistently and securely

  • Reduce ingestion, access and reporting delays by weeks

  • Secure buy in by increasing quality, security and trust in your data process

  • Prove, Transparent data governance procedures

Head of Analytics & Data Science
  • Automatically create and execute your own data requests

  • Put the controls you require around your pipelines

  • Ensure your pipelines are getting the production ready data they need

Head of Department
  • Increase time to value on your data

  • Reduce SLA and reporting delays

  • Empower your teams to access the value in your data

Get the essential guide with BDM Validation Data Sheet

 Validate the Consistency & Integrity
of the data you need

Build Robust Data Validation 


All validations checks happen in memory – there are no data copies left on disk

Data in Transit

Corruption of Data in transit is detected by applying Consistency checks (checksums, etc.) on the data

Smart Dashboards with BDM interface

All quality data is accessible through a dashboard which will provide a snapshot of the health of the data on the cluster

Lineage always captured

All validation checks are recorded. Prebuilt data traceability, tagging and lineage reporting capabilities for data policy adherence at all steps of the process. 

Produce trusted and reliable data

 Checks the accuracy and quality of all data in any format or size during the data preparation process.

Deliver data you can trust for the insights you need.

 Data Manager Ingest




Active Directory

 Data Manager Control 






Schema Evolution



Active Directory

"Choosing BDM as our core data processing engine has not only increased our data governance and trust capabilities but also reduced data operations costs by 70%."
-Head of Data Engineering,  Major European Bank 

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