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Automated Data & Governance
Operations Solutions

Empower businesses to solve the most complex data challenges of today

Technical Solutions for
Data Engineering 


Automates the ingest of data in a secure and fast manner using Spark

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Data Governance

Automates the Governance and Lineage of all your Data Lake  activities  

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Schema Evolution

Inform pipeline owners of schema changes as they occur in data sets

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Data Masking

Protect sensitive data from internal and external threats 

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Data Tokenization

Anonymize, de-tokenize and

de-identify the disclosure of sensitive data

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Data Validation

Automates data validation for accurate, insightful data as it moves

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Data Transformations

Accelerate, simplify and consolidate the data deployment process in minutes, not hours

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Business Solutions for
Data Professionals & C-Suite Leaders

Multi-Cloud Data Processing

Automate data processing across on premise, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments

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Data Self-Service


Reduce time-to-market and get the data you request anytime, anywhere

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Data Lake Anonymization 

Drive data privacy and protect sensitive data with Intelligent Anonymization

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Data Lake Quality & Trust

Validate the consistency and integrity of your data as it moves within your data lake

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Data Engineering Automation

Reduce engineering manual effort and create production-ready pipelines in minutes

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Data Governance Procedures Automation 

Evidence your data governance policies are being adhered to and protect against breach risk

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Data Lineage Traceability 

Track and prove the lineage of all data activities across your data lakes

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BDM and Control-M for Intelligent  DataOps 

Deliver deep intelligence and visibility into your data operation automation throughout the data pipeline process

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EHDEN OMOP Data Harmonization Service 

Harmonize & map health data from mulitple sources and formats to the OMOP CDM

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