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Accelerate JSON Data Extraction into Snowflake

Effortlessly Load
Nested JSON Data
into Snowflake

Bluemetrix and Idera combine to help data engineers, analysts, and architects collaborate on automation as a team, managing JSON files seamlessly while ensuring compliance with governance policies. 

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Data Automation at Scale

BDM automates the ingestion of complex data sources and ensures that as your data sources change dynamically, your pipelines configure automatically to match the new data sources.

Enterprise Level Ingestion

BDM provides the application of automation and processing of data at scale, in a secure modern environment, with smart GUI and API interfaces available.

Data Governance Operations

With data governance fully automated, it is now possible to streamline pipeline creation, while recording and storing all actions automatically in your catalogue as the pipeline executes.

Self-Service Data

Easy to create templating, combined with smart scheduling options, enables Self Service capability for data consumers - both business and technical users.

A New Way to Integrate
Data Governance with Data Operations 

BDM Ingest

A free enterprise-grade data ingestion tool that will automate the ingestion of data smoothly and quickly from on-premise sources into the cloud, while also automating the creation and running of pipelines.


BDM Ingest helps you effortlessly move vast amounts of data from on-premise data sources to the cloud.

BDM Control

With Bluemetrix, your data operations process is streamlined and made more efficient.


Not only can you enjoy the features in BDM Ingest, BDM Control also provides automated functionality around Governance, Schema Evolution, Security, Quality & Validation, and Transformations for an all-encompassing experience that will save time and ensure better data quality across your platform.

Here's What We Do...

For Data Engineering Team

Data Manager Ingest

With over 400+ big data projects delivered, there is no one else knowing your busy workloads than us. BDM Ingest is an ideal automated pipeline solutions for data engineers of all shapes and sizes. Try it today for Free...

For Data Governance Team

Data Manager Control

Let us empower your governance team to effectively track, capture, inform data owners and populate data governance tools with data changes as they happen on BDM Control. Learn more, and request a demo today...

For CDO/ C-Suite Executive

Data Manager Control

Grow your data capacity with confidence, scale operations through a detailed dashboard that gives you one view of the entirety of your orgnisation's data from just within BDM Control. Learn more, and request a demo today...

See Bluemetrix Data Manager In Action

Tailored to Your Data and Governance Use Case

Take BDM for a Test Drive

See how Bluemetrix can transform data and governance operations at your organisation today. 

Speak to A Data Expert

Get a free consulation with our solution architects on some tips and tricks for building better data architecture. 

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