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BCBS 239 Compliance Solution

Make compliance with BCBS 239 a breeze with our data automation tools. Empower your risk and governance teams to effortlessly implement the first 7 Principles.

Achieving BCBS 239 compliance poses continual hurdles for financial institutions, but you don't have to face them alone. According to the Basel Committee's progress report, the industry grapples with aligning data collection and distribution with BCBS 239 guidelines. To attain operational maturity and secure compliance, fulfilling these essential prerequisites is crucial.

Our BCBS 239 Compliance Solution can aid you in surmounting these hurdles and meeting requirements efficiently.

Risk Data Governance 

Financial institutions must establish robust governance frameworks, well-defined data architecture and reliable IT infrastructure arrangements. 


BCBS 239 Framework & Principles

Simplification, automation, and outcome-driven approach without heavy reliance on technical involvement. Let's explore how BCBS 239 implementation can be made easy.

¿Por qué escoger Bluemetrix?

Principle 1

Provide SLAs generation, independent validation checks, simplified integration of data sources and rapid deployment of computational functionality

Principle 2 

Offers over 150 out-of-the-box integrations with key IT systems, enabling automation of data activities across various infrastructures

Principle 3

Automate data movement, accuracy and integrity at every lifecycle stage, without coding, while maintaining technical and business metadata across business lines

Principle 4

Relevant data sources are natively validated to a central repository, with a reconciliation process and completion ratio of mandatory fields 

Principle 5 

Generate SLAs for each data pipeline to meet data requirements, and regulatory norms, even in stress/crisis situations 

Principle 6 

Accommodate diverse assets and data types with data pipelines to perform sophisticated transformations tailored to the specific data needs of the end user

Principle 7

Easily capture compliance on critical data elements from detailed lineage and reports to help resolve & mitigate errors

Blog Post

Decoding BCBS 239 Compliance with Bluemetrix

Unveil the best practices for BCBS 239 compliance in today's banking data-driven landscape. 

Decoding BCBS 239 Compliance with Bluemetrix

BCBS 239 Data Management Support 

Achieve clean, correct, complete, and integrity-rich data without human sign-off

Track critical data changes with detailed technical and business lineage for enhanced regulatory compliance

Efficiently manage data types, sources, functions, policies, and swiftly build pipelines

Tracks technical lineage for timely updates & ensure data relevance throughout the process

P3: Accuracy

& Integrity 

P4: Completeness

P3: Accuracy

& Integrity 

P4: Completeness

P2: Data Architecture

P1: Governance

P1: Timeliness

P1: Governance

P3: Accuracy

& Integrity 

P6: Adaptability

SLA for Each Data Pipeline

BCBS 239 Compliance Solution

Policy Enforcement and Comprehensive Auditing 

At Bluemetrix, we're your trusted partner for effective data management. Our advanced automated tools and comprehensive solutions allow you to easily monitor, regulate, and enforce your data policies while ensuring BCBS239 compliance.


With policy enforcement automation, auditing, and reporting options at your fingertips, you can confidently put your data management concerns to rest.

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BCBS 239 Compliance Solution

Data Quality At Scale 

Supported by powerful data governance automation and controls, Bluemetrix Data Manager aligns with the essential quality standards defined by BCBS 239.


Real-time validation during data ingestion ensures consistent and precise data, while the Data Lineage feature provides full transparency on the origin of the information. Trust in Bluemetrix for reliable, accurate, and transparent data.

BCBS 239 Compliance Solution

Self-Service Data Model

Bluemetrix's templated-based data pipeline empowers your risk and data governance team to deploy, consolidate, and derive data value effortlessly—all without relying on IT. With the ability to define custom rules and tags for sensitive PII data, as well as access governed data using open-source technology like SPARK, Bluemetrix puts data control in the hands of those who need it most. 

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  • How do I learn more about BDM Ingest?
    Reach out here to learn more with BDM Ingest for free and automate data pipeline management with a visual low code builder. Alternatively, you can request a personalized demo from our team.
  • What data sources does BDM Ingest offer connectors for?
    Bluemetrix offers a full suite of Connection Profiles for major data sources - Mainframes, Data Warehouse, Files, Streaming Data - and destinations that includes, Databases: JDBC, etc. Files: JSON, CSV, AVRO, EBCDIC, Text, Parquet, ORC, etc Streams: Kafka & Spark Structured Streaming We also add new connectors based on customer requests. The more requests we get for a source, the higher we prioritize building the new connectors.
  • How does BDM Ingest automate the ingestion of data?
    Bluemetrix has been working with Hadoop and other Data Lake technologies since 2009, and in that time we have built over 400 enterprise Data Lakes. Using this experience we have developed our own proprietary technology to create an intelligent ingestion engine that simplifies the ingestion of data at scale. The functionality includes: Templates: The ability to build and use templates to ingest complex data sources Variables: The ability to use variables in templates to ingest complex data sources Large Scale Ingest: We have custom solutions to work with most data sources Orchestration: We support multiple scheduler tools to automate the execution of the ingestion Pipelines: BDM Ingest automates the creation and the management of your pipelines
  • How does Bluemetrix handle changes in the source, such as schema or API changes?"
    Our pipelines are configured to handle new fields or tables added to your source automatically, so you don’t need to make manual adjustments in the UI. As the schema of your data changes at source, we implement these changes at the destination plus we inform all pipeline owners that consume the source of the changes as they happen, so that they can change their pipelines if necessary. We constantly monitor and stay ahead of API changes or deprecations so you don’t need to think about it.
  • Do I have to do anything if an API endpoint is changed?
    No, the Bluemetrix team will update the connector. BDM Ingest is fully managed, including managing your destination schema in addition to staying ahead of API changes for all connectors.
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