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Bluemetrix Data Manager is a suite of modules automating the ingestion, transformation and governance of data on Hadoop. Data Manager provides a fully interactive drag and drop interface allowing dynamic workflow creation for the ingest & transformation of data. The suite is built on BMC’s Control-M.

Further modules will be added including validation and masking.

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Working with Fortune 500 companies across all industry sectors

Finance, Telecom, Automotive, Retail, Insurance, Pharmaceutical,  both Industrial & Government – helping on all aspects of their deployment from Architecture, Infrastructure, Security, Operations, Development and Data Science

Demystifying Hadoop Automation

Many Hadoop projects start with a plan for the development and deployment of advanced analytics to create real data-driven insights. But as with any powerful new technology, there comes some bigger challenges. Let’s start with data sources: Hadoop projects require data to be moved from traditional data sources, for example, data warehouses, Log Files, JSON data etc into Hadoop environments before a Proof of Concept or a production level deployment project can start. However, getting the data is the challenge: ingestion of this data is a complex task with fundamental issues that need to be resolved around tool selection, data replication, data transformation, scheduling, and, of course, governance and compliance around data.

About BlueMetrix

We in Bluemetrix, along with our partner BMC, have launched a new solution – Bluemetrix Data Manager – to solve these exact problems. With Bluemetrix Data Manager, you can fully automate the process of big data ingestion, which provides a solid foundation for Hadoop big data projects.

Bluemetrix has been working with Hadoop since 2009. BMC has 30 years of automation and scheduling experience in major corporations around the globe. The combination of technical excellence and big data experience uniquely positions Bluemetrix to help companies deploy Hadoop Big Data projects ahead of schedule, and below budget.

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