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Manage Data Governance with Automation

Bluemetrix empowers teams to strike the perfect balance between agility and security by automatically enforcing data governance policies throughout each stage of the pipeline and delivering end-to-end security to protect against potential breaches.  

Organisations are frequently facing shifting compliance and governance requirements as data landscapes evolve. Devoting valuable time to manually managing data governance policies can be burdensome and require technical proficiency - often leading to inaccuracies or gaps in data records. Bluemetrix simplifies the process by providing customised solutions for automating your organisation's data policy enforcement and management at the pipeline level, helping identify missing records and broken relationships while adhering to regulations - ultimately protecting against potential information breaches.

Records of Metadata & Lineage Made Easy  

Eliminate the guesswork when you have complete visibility into data usage and consumption. Bluemetrix helps you capture and record all data actions on the data lake, ensuring these are recorded correctly at scale, recording lineage, and tagging data. 

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Adhere to Compliance Requirements

Designed by experts and comes preconfigured with everything you need for compliance. BDM provides users with an easy-to-use ruleset to ensure all actions are captured and stored at a pipeline level that enforces compliance with industry regulations, i.e. GDPR, HIPAA, etc. ​

Everything in One Place

Integrate with your existing data governance tool and catalogue, removing manual tasks to save you time, money & hassle. Bluemetrix features comprehensive data governance and management control capabilities and customizable compliance policies, so you can streamline your compliance efforts and pipeline deployment in one easy platform. 

• Enforce Rules• Capture Enforcement• Data Collection Tool Population D A T A Q U A L I T Y B U S I N E S S G L O S S A R Y D A T A D I C T I O N A R Y D A T A C A T A L O G H A D O O P & B I G E R P S Y S T E M S D A T A T O O L S C L O U D E N V I R O N M E N T S B I R E P O R T I N G T O O L S F I L E C O N N E C T O R S D A T A B A S E P L A T F O R M S E T L & D A T A I N T E R G R A T I O N T O O L S C O M P L I A N C E & R I S K P R O D U C T S

The Automated Data Governance Platform for
All Your Need

All data activities that take place within BDM are recorded automatically in Atlas for Data Lineage 

Secure masking, anonymization, or tokenizing of sensitive data on ingest

Maximise reporting and analysis accuracy by creating data taxnomony and relationship between systems

Master Data Repository

Master data store can be created and operated on the lake

Every data activity is auditable via Bluemetrix's data governance features

With a few clicks, anyone can programme & enforce Data Management policies

BDM & Collibra Highlight: Automating Data Policy Enforcement

Learn how to automatically enforce and implement data policies in Collibra Data Platform.

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Meet Bluemetrix Data Manager

Gain instant, actionable insights with the help of Bluemetrix Data Manager, the most comprehensive data engineering and governance platform designed to foster team collaboration, deliver scalable pipelines and ensure compliance across your organisation.  

BDM Ingest

A free enterprise-grade data ingestion tool that will automate the ingestion of data smoothly and quickly from on-premise sources into the cloud while also automating the creation and running of pipelines.


BDM Ingest helps you effortlessly move vast amounts of data from on-premise data sources to the cloud.

BDM Control

With Bluemetrix, your data operations process is streamlined and made more efficient.


Not only can you enjoy the features in BDM Ingest, but BDM Control also provides automated functionality around Governance, Schema Evolution, Security, Quality & Validation, and Transformations for an all-encompassing experience that will save time and ensure better data quality across your platform.

Creating A New Mandate for Cheif Data Officer
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Operationalizing Your Data Governance for Analytics
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Bluemetrix Announces New Strategic Partnership with Collibra
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