Data Governance Procedures Automatoin

Evidence your Data Governance Policies are being adhered to & protect against breach risk

 Governance and Compliance are difficult to enforce in any environment, and even more difficult to enforce in a Data Lake which has many moving parts where users can interact with the data. Traditional systems and manual enforcement required all users to record the governance of what they did on the lake, ensuring they were recording and updating their most recent activity. This required that all users have the technical knowledge to update and maintain Governance tools and catalogues. This often resulted in users forgetting to update their actions or incorrectly coding the solution on the system. If all required actions are not 100% accurately recorded, there is a gap in your Governance and records, and it is not complete.


This is the reason why more and more companies are removing the human element from the Governance and Compliance process and automating it instead. Automation ensures all key actions are recorded correctly and at the right time eliminating gaps in the recorded data and ensuring 100% compliance.

Changing the way every department operates and handles the data

Take advantages of the smarter data

Head of Data Governance
  • Ensure Data Governance policies have appropriate procedures

  • Procedure process lineage visualisation

  • Create alerting for non-compliance

Chief Data Officer
  • Garner business buy-in to single transparent data process

  • Put the controls you require around your pipelines

  • Report on who requests access to what data

  • Enable business to control and take responsibility for their data

Head of Department
  • Transparently control access to your data

  • Evidence you have adhered to Governance policies

  • Empower your teams to access the value in your data

How to create a new mandate for chief data officer

What is Bluemetrix Data Manager? 

Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) is a single automated data processing platform that taking the best out of your data. It provides deep automation to a range of different tasks that allow any non-technical resources to build, schedule, transform, ingest, and manage data pipelines in a code-free environment. 

The overwaiting period of getting what is right data in the right storage has come to end. You can now focus on any business initiatives in a timely, relevant, consistent, and personalised manner.

How to evidence Data Governance Adherence?

Risk Mitigation and Secure Data

Manage risk more proactively through automation and avoid potential data breaches

Efficiently Minimize Compliance Scope & Cost

Reduce sensitive data exposure while maintaining industry-standard compliance, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR etc

Lineage always captured

Prebuilt data traceability, tagging and lineage reporting capabilities for data policy adherence at all steps of the process

"Choosing BDM as our core data processing engine has not only increased our data governance and trust capabilities but also reduced data operations costs by 70%."


-Head of Data Engineering,  Major European Bank 

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