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Data Self-Service for Analytics

Reduce time to market and get the data you request anytime, anywhere

Business users want the ability to access the data they need for their pipelines when they need it. Traditionally users must wait for raw data to be ingested, processed and transformed to become production ready. This process can take weeks and months, at which point the data has lost much of its initial value. Typically, this process is manual and prone to human error which reduces the quality and integrity of already derogated data.


BDM is designed specifically to bring transparency to the data processing and sharing process. Intelligent anonymisation is built into the process so your business owners can be confident in evidencing data governance procedure compliance.

Empower your business with self-service

Head of Data 
  • Manage data processing consistently and securely

  • Reduce ingestion, access and reporting delays by weeks

  • Secure buy-in by increasing quality, security and trust in your data process

  • Prove, Transparent data governance procedures

Head of Analytics & Data Science
  • Automatically create and execute your own data requests

  • Put the controls you require around your pipelines

  • Ensure your pipelines are getting the production ready data they need

Head of Department
  • Increase time to value on your data

  • Reduce SLA and reporting delays

  • Empower your teams to access the value in your data

Get the essential guide with our Automated Data Processing Platform

Have you worked out how to give your business the data access they want?

Reduce time to value 

Self Service & processing automation reduces data access delays from weeks to days or hours

Reduce manual effort & human error

Remove human error from the pipeline process to increase data accuracy

Trace & share all data activities 

Easily evidence adherence of data governance policies  

Intelligent User Anonymisation

Masking and Tokenisation capabilities ensures your data is protected throughout the analytics pipeline

Empower users to get their own data

Tagging capabilities ensures you full control over your data so you can empower you users

Give your business the confidence to access the data they need

Enabling a data-driven business shouldn’t be such a challenge with the BDM Data Self Service Platform.

 Data Manager Ingest




Active Directory

 Data Manager Control 






Schema Evolution



Active Directory

BDM Self-Service Architecture

“The BDM platform offers us the opportunity to harvest the value in our data and share our data with confidence.”


- CDO, Large Bank Portugal

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