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What We Do?

Bluemetrix is a full-service data company offering advisory, implementation, managed services, training and data control applications. With over 18 years of experience delivering cloud and big data solutions to our customers, we are the right partner for your data project.

Discover What We Offer

BDM Control

Bluemetrix Data Manager brings automation, consistency and governance enforcement to your data pipelines. Reducing pipeline failure rate, increasing data accuracy and improving stakeholder engagement


Professional Services

Since 2013, Bluemetrix has been providing professional services worldwide, with over 300 data project implementations across all industries.

Managed Services

Bluemetrix Managed Service helps operate your big data cluster at maximum effienct and security, while you can focus on developing applications and IP to grow your business.

Our Story

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Bluemetrix has been at the forefront of Data Processing and Analytics since establishing its business in Japan in 2001 and continues to invest in talent and technology to enhance its capabilities to provide customised Data Processing and Consultancy services to existing and new customers in Europe and Asia.

Having developed and operated data analytics systems for 15 years, Bluemetrix brings the rigor, best practices and infrastructure know-how to deliver Big Data analytics systems to the enterprise.

Recent Times

Bluemetrix has been working with Hadoop since 2009, when we were one of the first adopters of the technology in Europe. Since 2015 we have been providing Professional

Services support to Cloudera and Hortonworks and their clients with their Hadoop Big Data implementations, and this is work that we continue with today.

In recent times we have signed partnerships with Databricks, IBM and Siemens and are now helping customers implement Spark deployments on their platforms.

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