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What We Do

Bluemetrix is a full-service data company offering advisory, implementation, managed services, training and data control applications. With over 18 years of industry experience delivering cloud and big data solutions to
global data-driven organisations, we are committed to your success.

Our Story  

Leading from the Front

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Bluemetrix has been at the forefront of Data Processing and Analytics since establishing its business in Japan in 2001 and continues to invest in talent and technology to enhance its capabilities to provide customised Data Processing and Consultancy services to existing and new customers in Europe and Asia.

Having developed and operated data analytics systems for 15 years,  Bluemetrix brings the rigour, best practices and infrastructure know-how to deliver Big Data analytics systems to the enterprise.

As one of the early adopters of Hadoop technology in Europe since 2009, we have been providing Professional Services support to Cloudera and Hortonworks customers with their deployment of Big Data solutions – an ongoing commitment that we proudly continue today. 

In 2017, Bluemetrix continues to charge forward to innovate the industry by developing data automation software. This ground-breaking technology empowers businesses to automate and streamline data operations within data lakes, which has enabled us to expand into new markets and continue our growth trajectory. 

1#  Modern data automation platform

Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) is an innovative data automation solution that helps data teams automate, scale and deploy data pipelines and ensure compliance with stringent governance requirements.

From planning to production, see what your team could do in one application.  


Bluemetrix Big Data Implementation Project Worldwide

Our Mission

To be the most trusted provider of data & IT solutions that empower organisations to innovate with data, building a resilient future that impacts the world. 

Bluemetrix Fast Facts


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Why Bluemetrix?

Deep Technical Expertise

Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team stay abreast of the latest data and cloud technologies and apply their knowledge and experience to drive innovation across all stages of the customer journey

Next Generation Solution

Our instinctive next-gen data  automation solutions provide insights into your corporate data, transforming it into strategic assets for fact-based decision making

Operational Excellence

We have been providing our clients with data services since 2002 and have a track record of excellence in this area. Hundreds of companies have partnered with Bluemetrix to accelerate the delivery of their projects

Flexibility and Reliability

We love helping our customers and pride ourselves in adapting to their culture, environments, system landscapes and requirements,  efficiently and effectively

Continuous Improvement

We ensure that your cluster is dynamic and constantly evolving so that you can incorporate the most recent developments to drive your business growth

Security, Privacy and Compliance

Our vision of being a trusted partner ensures that we adhere to the most rigorous, stringent compliance requirements that meet your data security and privacy needs 

Partnering for Success 

Bluemetrix partners with industry-leading software vendors, system integrators and service providers. Together, we close the gap between what today's businesses expect and what IT can deliver. 

A Culture of Security

At Bluemetrix, safeguarding the data entrusted to us and maintaining trust in our services is embedded into our day-to-day culture. 

Our compliance programs, products and services are designed to provide effective data privacy protections. We invest in rigorous compliance with ISO 27001 to protect customer data and offer highly secured, best-in-class technology solutions. 

While cybersecurity constantly evolves, we are committed to adhering to global and industry compliance standards and keeping your data safe and sound – more important than ever. 

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Bluemetrix ISO 27001 Badge
Press Room 

Our recent news: Bluemetrix now certified as an EHDEN ETL SME 

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Join our team riding on the cutting edge of cloud and data theology

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