Managed Services

Getting Bluemetrix To Work For You

World Class Administration

  • Utilise the existing expertise of our Hadoop Administration Team

  • Our team is experienced in analysing all developments and high-quality decision making

  • We focus on Hadoop Administration so you can focus on your core competencies and apply Hadoop to your business


  • Receive weekly and monthly reports on your cluster’s activities with real-time reports available as required

  • Full-time cost awareness with SLAs and easily understandable pricing

  • Continual Service Improvement process that involves monthly and quarterly meetings ensuring continued development between your Hadoop Cluster and business.

Delivering Results

  • We work to ensure that your Hadoop cluster delivers data and results that you want for your business

  • Strategic Objectives are agreed at the start of a project so you can measure the progress of your cluster

  • Monitor Administration costs so that you can focus your budget on applying Hadoop in your business

Service Offerings

Bluemetrix remotely manages and operates Hadoop clusters on behalf of our clients. The service is made up of two distinct activities:  

Pro-active Engagement 

  • Monitor the cluster for incidents and performance which shall include the following actions:​

    • Attend and resolve the incidence and performance issues

    • Escalate with vendors the issues that need their support

    • Ensure all services are running & operational

    • Validate High Availability

    • Check error logs, memory and disk usage, etc.

    • File directory & validation

  • Ensure cluster is secure and compliant with existing policies

  • Track, recommend and apply configuration changes

  • Track, recommend and apply critical security patches

  • Perform minor upgrades considering downtime window is acceptable

  • Perform node commission and decommission

  • Safely plan cluster maintenance window

Service Desk

  • On-call support to deal with the following incidents:

    • Perform Root Cause Analysis of incidents and problems

    • Resolve contention issues between queries and workloads

    • Evaluate the impact of changes

    • Perform tuning of services

  • Perform major version upgrades on cluster

  • Perform rolling upgrades

  • Deployment of new Hadoop services

Why Choose Bluemetrix?


We have a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team who have been working with Hadoop since 2009


We have been providing our clients with data services since 2002 and have a track record of excellence in this area


We can ensure that your cluster is dynamic and constantly evolving so that you can incorporate the most recent developments to drive your business growth

We work with all the major Hadoop distribution on all different types of environments