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EHDEN OMOP Data Harmonization Service

Harmonize & map health data from multiple sources and formats to the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM). Bluemetrix can help you leverage your data for better patient outcomes and research purposes.
Healthcare Research

A Powerful Partnership with a Shared Mission 

Healthcare data holds enormous potential to improve patient outcomes, life science research and innovation. Yet, one of the biggest impediments to fully utilising health data is the inability to combine diverse data assets from multiple sources stored in different formats, especially where this data is subject to different governance policies and stored in different jurisdictions.  

To help combat this issue and make data more accessible, Bluemetrix has joined forces with EHDEN to be a catalyst for progress, collaborating and supporting EDEN Data Partners to map and harmonize data from various sources to the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM). 

Bluemetrix combines OMOP expertise with in-depth subject matter knowledge from building hundreds of Data Lakes across Europe and the APAC regions. Our experienced teams of EHDEN-Certified Consultants are committed to providing unparalleled data harmonization services, accelerating healthcare innovation, all of which will ultimately deliver operational healthcare analytic environments.

What is EHDEN? 

The EHDEN is a European Health Data Evidence Network backed by the EU. Launched in 2018, EHDEN is an Innovative Medicines Initiatives project promoting the large-scale analysis of health data by building a federated data network access that combines millions of patients data standardised to the OMOP Common Data Model. It is comprised of more than 166 data partners from 27 countries across the European Union, all of which are committed to innovation in health for better patient outcomes and research purposes. 

Bluemetrix, which has extensive experience working with health data (EHR data, Pathology data, etc.) and cloud solutions, is a certified EHDEN ETL SME and has actively delivered innovative healthcare data solutions across Europe and beyond. 

Bluemetrix for EHDEN OMOP Data Harmonization
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Bluemetrix’s state-of-the-art technical platform connects major hospitals, primary care networks, and regional databases, allowing patient-focused research in a protected, shared care record environment with such services:​

Consultancy on design, architecture, and test of data infrastructure

Design, implementation, and deployment of ETL data pipelines

Mapping of source data to OMOP CDM vocabularies

Implementation of data governance programmes

Provision of data integration and ingestion tools to populate the data environment

Expand the EHDEN ecosystem and configure OMOP CDM and tools in this ecosystem

Data Harmonization At Scale

Our healthcare IT experts have been professionally trained on various open-source technologies and the OMOP Common Data Model, ensuring we best identify the suitable data model or open-source solution that aligns with your data management strategies and governance plans. 

Real World Evidence

Harmonize observational data for large-scale analytics deriving patient and population-level predictions.


Code-Free Data Automation 

Automate and fast track Data Lake and ETL Pipelines creation with intuitive drag & drop. No programming, just insights. 

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Let's talk about your OMOP Data Mapping Project and how we can help! 

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