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BDM Health: Advancing Healthcare Analytics through Data Lakes

The critical role that BDM health plays in healthcare analytics

There is a growing need for data analytics in healthcare. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a more rapid response to healthcare crises and the ability to access vast amounts of data from disparate sources, for example for research and reporting purposes. At the same time, data security and patient confidentiality are paramount.

Over the past six months, Bluemetrix has been working with leading healthcare providers in the UK to deliver a high-performance data lake that provides fast access to clean, accurate and governed data for analytical insights into Covid-19 patterns in West London. This system will, for the first time, provide the ability to manage access control to health data, allowing a full audit of every action taken.

The insights garnered in the project show that data lakes have the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare data is collected and shared. The data lake solution is easily repeatable and adaptable in different scenarios and for different use cases in different healthcare niches globally.

Better access controls with de-identified data for timely analytical insight

Typically, data owners are reluctant to grant access to their data on the grounds that the requestor cannot guarantee appropriate processing of the data. BDM Health resolves this issue and for the first-time data requestors have the ability to address data owners’ concerns and convince them to allow access to their data.

BDM Health comprehensively tracks and traces all data instances and data activities. Every access request and action taken on the data is also tracked and is auditable by both the data owner and data governance team. In fact, the data owner now has much to gain by granting access to a requestor using BDM Health; their data will be cleaned, tagged, and catagorised. Both metadata and business logic will be created and captured, making their data more valuable and secure than ever. Data owners can even create an approval workflow to have instant visibility into the use of their data.

Using BDM Health, a modern informatics solution for healthcare providers, allows them to quickly access and consolidate data systems in a fully governed and automated way.

The BDM Health solution for a unified healthcare data system

Data lakes allow disparate systems - for example, medical laboratories, hospitals, GPs, primary care systems and electronic health records - to combine vast amounts of data in a central location securely and in a compliant manner.

The resultant data lake provides a complete view of the data from patient, disease, care, and administration viewpoints. It also provides the necessary processing power and tools required to run AI and Machine Learning models, providing new insights into data from different sources in real-time.

Benefits of the BDM Health solution

  • Creating a unified data framework enables separate workflows for clinicians, researchers, administrators, and healthcare workers, building efficiencies across an organisation.

  • The BDM Health solution provides a bird’s eye view of activities throughout an organisation’s IT systems and relates all activities to budget and real-time spend.

  • Using high-performance big data analytics and input from multiple and varied resources, the BDM Health solution can drive targeted improvements in primary care and operational practices.

  • Different levels of access to, and different views of, the data can be made available to selected personas - for example a GP may only view their own patients' data - ensuring patient confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations.

  • Custom interfaces improve data sharing capabilities and empower remote users to collaborate more effectively across a unified network.

  • In any organisation, data requestors and data owners need to be assured that data is secured, masked, and well-formed before transferring or receiving. BDM Health helps healthcare organisations define relevant access privileges, monitor data access and workflow processes, provide secure interfaces at endpoints, and ensure data is well formed at rest and in transit.

Infographic: Benefits of Data Automation in Healthcare
Infographic: Benefits of Data Automation in Healthcare

Data lakes - an opportunity to address global healthcare challenges

Data lakes offer national and international healthcare authorities the opportunity to pool their data resources and use AI-driven data analytics to better understand healthcare data issues.

Using BDM Health automation, it is possible to quickly create a data pipeline that moves data from an EHR system to a data lake. This data pipeline is easily repeatable and completely scalable.

The BDM Health platform’s data automation and data ingestion modules are powerful tools in all critical systems - safety, business, security, or mission.

There is no other solution available worldwide on the market today that enables this kind of work to be carried out as quickly and comprehensively as the BDM Health platform does.


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