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Delivering Business Transformation with Intelligent DataOps  

Deliver clean, accurate, and governed data to your business users when they need it.

[ On Demand Webinar ] How to Deliver Digital Transformation with Intelligent DataOps 

Control-M from BMC Software simplifies application workflow orchestration. It makes it easy to define, schedule, manage, and monitor workflows, so your jobs get delivered on time in a controlled manner. However, customers today are moving beyond workflows orchestration and they are now working on data orchestration, where they are looking to process their data pipelines in a secure and controlled manner.

Control-M, together with Bluemetrix Data Manager, delivers an intelligent data operations solution that addresses your organisation's data procedure requirements to ingest, govern, mask, transform, and deliver production-ready data to your business.

Complex data orchestration? Problem solved.

All major data sources and destinations supported

Connectors are available for all major data types (Files, DB, Streams) and sources/destinations (CSV, JSON, Oracle, Teradata, Kafka, Spark Structured Streaming, etc.), allowing any data type and source to be processed.

Maintain governance and lineage of data  


BDM records the lineage of all actions that are taken on the data. It also has the ability to add Meta Data tags automatically within the pipeline which can then be tied to access policies allowing further control of the data.

Intelligent anonymisation​ for sensitive data

Masking and Tokenisation capabilities ensure your data is protected throughout the pipeline creation, while also ensuring the anonymization is reversible if required.

Accelerate time to insight

Create data pipelines in minutes rather than days or weeks, allowing data scientists and users to extract value and insights from their data in a timely and relevant manner.

Full job visibility with Automation

All stages of the pipeline are accessible, thus reducing the pipeline failure rate.

 Bluemetrix and BMC Software for Intelligent DataOps Automation 

Deliver higher quality and quantity of pipelines

Building data pipelines is the bottleneck for delivering data to users. BDM + Control allows you to create more complex and richer pipelines while at all times using Control-M to schedule and control the functionality as it is applied to your data. You can ensure the same enterprise-level controls that you apply to your workflow operations are also applied to your data operations.

Schedule delivery of data 

Create data pipelines in minutes rather than days or weeks, allowing data scientists and users to extract value and insights from their data in a timely and relevant manner. Use Control-M from BMC to have your data flowing on an ongoing basis- hourly, daily, or weekly schedules. 

Unlock your Dataops advantage with BDM

Enabling a data-driven business shouldn’t be such a challenge. With greater access to your data, BDM also brings you enhanced functionality around data validation, data transformation, data anonymization, and data governance.

 Data Manager Ingest




Active Directory

 Data Manager Control 






Schema Evolution



Active Directory

“The BDM platform offers us the opportunity to harvest the value in our data and share our data with confidence.”


- CDO, Large Bank Portugal

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