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#1 Data Automation

Bluemetrix Data Manager 

The complete solution for automating Data Pipelines, Data Operations and Data Governance across your big data environments. 
Data Pipelines Automation

Spend less time creating and deploying your pipeline, without compromising quality

Data Operations Automation

Simplify pipeline orchestration with proactive error detection to minimise downtime 

Data Governance Automation

Capture governance & compliance easily while enforcing policies during pipeline construction

The Data Automation Platform

Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) is a suite of interoperable modules that helps organisations unlock data value by automating data pipeline, data operations and data governance across on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments. Built with simpler operations and data security in mind, organisations can rapidly get the right data to the right people so your data teams can focus on higher impact projects, collaborate and share data - ultimately increasing business agility and accelerating time-to-value for more revenue streams. 

Bluemetrix Data Manager 

One flexible platform for greater data possibilities

Stop struggling with disparate data solutions. Bluemetrix has the flexibility to meet your needs now and as they change.


Have a specific use case you need to tackle? Or require adding a new data source or destination? We’ve made it easy to create custom features on our platform to fit your needs.  

Abstract Background

The Bluemetrix Data Manager Platform provides the core features that solve critical engineering availability and productivity, security and compliance challenges for data-driven digital transformation enablement

Compliance Policy Enforcement

Create and enforce policies - compliance and security - to meet your internal, industry and regulatory compliance mandates

Centralized pipeline dashboard

Centrally configure, execute & monitor pipeline scheduling and activities from one platform ​

Advanced Security 

Built-in data tokenization, masking and access control capabilities for the highest protection of your data  

Python & SQL Transformation

Choose from over 250 pre-built transformations to automate all data preparation tasks and cater for technical disciplines 

Broad support for sources and targets

Extensive support for the industry's broadest connector coverage from source to destination 


Your business users will utilise self-service templates to access their data reduce service tickets and cross-functional dependencies

Detailed Validation Check 

Validate the completeness and integrity of the data as it moves into and within the data lake

Powered by Spark 

Run Spark as a core processing engine enable  smart execution, detection and transformation

Each project begins with comprehensive consultations between you and us. Our proven, structured approach helps you reimagine every corner of your business - from strategy to experiences, technologies and operations.

Step 1

Build a multi-disciplinary Project Team
  • Engineering

  • Governance

  • Quality

  • Compliance

  • Security

  • Business Users 

Step 2

Build a Data Map
  • Governance/Compliance

  • Quality Requirement

  • Data Dependencies among data owners 

  • User Requirements for operations team 

  • Data gaps for business users

Step 3

Skillset Audit
  • Admin Skills

  • Data Operational Skills

  • Data Development Skills

  • Data Security /Governance Skills

  • ML/AI Skills

Step 4

Software Stack Audit 
  • What is current stack status?

  • What can you use to help implement this project?

  • What holds you back from implementing this project?

Kick-start your data project 

Leading organisations choose Bluemetrix


ING Bank Slaski Automates Data Processing with Governance 

" All processing of the data-driven models in the big data platform is automated by Control-M and the logic of the data processing is defined and supported by Bluemetrix Data Manager Control."
-- Mariusz Narewski, Senior IT Manager, ING Bank 


Instead of weeks for workflow


Reduction in processing time


million customers supported

Built for your data team

Big Data Engineer
  • Ingest of diverse data sources

  • Data Pipeline Creation 

  • Data Pipeline error detection 

  • SQL transformations and workflows

  • Coding of Data Governance and Compliance

Young woman
Data Analyst
  • Need for Hadoop skills and expertise in coding

  • Lengthy production time

  • Poor quality data from your analysis

  • Disparity of current data-silo systems

  • Complexity, BDM makes it simpler with our holistic approach

Female Entrepreneur
Governance Specialist
  • Costs by up to 70%

  • Coding time and expertise

  • Risk and liabilities

  • Complexity of Capturing Compliance

  • Complexity of Compliance Enforcement

  • Security and GDPR errors through non-compliance

Professional Male
Chief Data Officer
  • Adoption of Compliance Policies

  • Adoption of Governance Policies

  • Quality of Data

  • Collaboration around data

  • Company wide view of data

Learn more about Bluemetrix Data Automation

Image by David Moore
See Bluemetrix Data Manager in action 
Tailored to Your Data and Governance Use Case 

Take BDM for a Test Drive

See how Bluemetrix Data Manager can automate data and governance operations at your organisation today. 

Speak to A Data Expert

Get a free consulation with our solution architects on some tips and tricks for building better data architecture. 

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