Automated Data Workflows Platform 

for Advanced Analytics Pipeline

Accelerates your data and analytics for a hybrid world with an end-to-end solution, everywhere

Most analytics initiatives failed to meet the needs of today's enterprise or deliver any data value due to the complexities brought on by more data, more sources, more structures, more users, and more use cases. As a result, more than 80% of data scientist time is spent significantly on discovering and preparing data. When the overburdened data engineering team couldn’t guarantee the deliverable of desired datasets, this has forced them to grab any data sources for analysis, which makes the end user unreliable data and calculations out of convenience. Bluemetrix has taken the best of these solutions, providing a solid foundation for your Big Data Analytics projects that deliver business intelligence for your business users, whether they are on-prem or on the cloud.

Drive your business intelligence for different team members

Data Engineers
  • Reduce repetitive coding from disparate systems by 60% 

  • Invest your engineering value and intellectual property

  • Manage data pipeline portability 

Data Scientist
  • Reduce reliances on IT with self-service deployment  

  • Increase 60~70% of data accuracy​

  • Streamline and automate shared data processes 

Data Analyst
  • Build trust by providing data 

  • Produce reports with much greater efficiency

  • Accelerate time-to-analysis for data stakeholders

Our Data Science Formula

Proper processing

Proper provision

Proper data




Perfect Pipeline

How could you increase your analytics capabilities with automation?   

Single end-end automation solution


Fully integrated and automated data workflow platform that deliver a single system across the entire data operation process

Avoid vendor lock-in with greater deployment flexibility

Taking back control of your processing reduces the risk of lock-in as cloud analytics solutions evolve

Visualisation and collaboration  

Enable data pipelines to support diverse analytics and provide visibility into the context and lineage of data

Robust Self-service DEvelopment From source to consumption

Access to data workflow with deep automation that take care of highly repetitive code in a code-free environment.

Embedded data governance and data operations

Complete data governance capabilities for data policy adherence and provide comprehensive reporting on data Ops

A Modern Data Automated Platform 

Fueling your Machine Learning or Business Intelligence toolset with BDM

BDM Control 

Automatically create, secure, manage, and deploy your data pipelines in a single application for all data initiatives 

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BDM Control Plus

Automatically create, secure, manage, and deploy your data pipelines in a single application for all data initiatives with advanced tokenization and validation

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