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Bluemetrix Announces New Strategic Partnership with Collibra

Bluemetrix leadership in data automation are complemented by Collibra's strengths in data governance, allowing joint customers to automatically enforce and execute the data policies in Collibra, achieving full regulatory compliance and auditing.

Bluemetrix, a leading data and governance automation company for the healthcare and financial sectors, is thrilled to announce a new technology integration partnership with Collibra for 2022. This partnership will support global customers with their data governance initiatives, helping to enhance data security and accessibility needs and achieve full regulatory compliance for better governance.

"Data governance is a complex process that requires significant resources and time. While most enterprises have their programs in place to govern how their data is accessed and processed, these data policies are generally data source specific, and not always enforced and implemented when data is used daily," said Liam English, CEO, Bluemetrix. "By partnering with Collibra, a pioneer in Data Intelligence, we are excited to provide organisations with an integrated solution that combines best-of-breed software to address these problems."

The new collaboration will focus on integrating the Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) Full-Service Spark Based ETL solution with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, eliminating complexity across the entire data policy