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Data Lineage and Traceability

Track and prove the lineage of all data activities across your Data Lakes

[On Demand Webinar] Operationalizing Data Governance For Analytics  

Businesses today are collecting processing and storing data in unprecedented size and complexity. The regulatory environment has become more complex and onerous, with responsibility for the compliance firmly in the remit of the organization that owns the data. The key business challenge companies face today around Governance and Compliance are as follows:

  • Multiple Metadata Repositories: Enterprises struggle to access valuable metadata and business logic is stuck in the siloes data system. 

  • Unauthorised Data Access:  Tracking who has requested which data and if they have the authority to access that data is a constant challenge for large organisations.

  • Inability to Prove Data Lineage:  Being unable to matching data, data access with a user’s profile makes it  extremely difficult to prove to your compliance team that you have adherence to the data policies & procedures

Take advantages of the smarter data

Head of Data 
  • Manage data processing consistently and securely

  • Reduce ingestion, access and reporting delays by weeks

  • Secure buy-in by increasing quality, security and trust in your data process

  • Prove, Transparent data governance procedures

Head of Data Governance
  • Automatically create and execute your own data requests

  • Put the controls you require around your pipelines

  • Ensure your pipelines are getting the production ready data they need

Head of Department
  • Increase time to value on your data

  • Reduce SLA and reporting delays

  • Empower your teams to access the value in your data

How to deal with the most common data engineering challenges

How could you increase your data governance capabilities with automation?   

A single view of meta data

 Sync your metadata to your data lake for full visibility.  

Built-in Traceability and Lineage 

Prebuilt data traceability, tagging and lineage reporting capabilities for data policy adherence

Know who is accessing what data

Visualise who has requested what data

Catalogue Integration

BDM can integrate into your catalogue of choice

End-to-end process visualisation 

Full visualisation of all data activities

Track and prove the lineage of all data activities

Captures all the data activities on your data lake and shares that activity with your existing catalogue and lineage solution with Bluemetrix Data Processing Platform: BDM Ingest and BDM Control. 

 Data Manager Ingest




Active Directory

 Data Manager Control 






Schema Evolution



Active Directory

"Choosing BDM as our core data processing engine has not only increased our data governance and trust capabilities but also reduced data operations costs by 70%."
-Head of Data Engineering,  Major European Bank 

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What challenges can we help?

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