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Data Tokenization

Anonymize, de-tokenize and de-identify the disclosure of sensitive, private, and confidential data into an efficient and scalable protection

Challenge: Internal & External Security Threats

Businesses today operate in a data environment with an increased focus on data security. They need to remove the risk of exposure of sensitive information, while at the same time utilizing their data to get the maximum benefit for their business. New regulations require organizations to minimize access to raw data by their employees. The value of sensitive data ensures the risk of loss of data is greater than ever. Non-compliance around GDPR and other regulations can result in large fines for an organization. The challenge for business is how to ensure their data is anonymized in as secure and efficient a manner as possible. This is all delivered with the BDM Tokenization solution.


Impact: Limit Access to Data

Most traditional Tokenization solutions require you to make copies of the data and store it on disk before the data is tokenized. With BDM we tokenize the data in memory, ensuring that no copies of your sensitive data are on disk. Secure Stateful and Stateless Tokenization algorithms, applied correctly with strict User Access policies, allow you control who can access your PII and Sensitive data. 

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Tokenization solution

Solution: Delivering Data Protection in Your Industry

BDM allow anonymization of data, but of a form that is reversible by using a de-tokenization algorithm, allowing data users to return to the original values of the data. There are two types of tokenization available -Stateful and Stateless. It is possible to apply distinctions to the algorithm, further increasing the encryption level of the underlying data.  


Opportunity: Secure data & Minimize Compliance Scope 

As data is transformed in-memory, leading to a more secure solution with private data on disk at data destination, offering much faster processing. Your organisation can execute the job rapidly and reduce sensitive data exposure while maintaining industry-standard compliance, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDRP, etc 

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What data do you need to control?

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