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Data Transformation

Accelerate, simplify and consolidate the deployment process in minutes

Challenge: Unlock The Value Of Your Data

The value of data increases as it is used by more people, and more value is derived from the underlying data. In order to achieve this increase in value, three key steps must be put in place: 

  • The data must be made accessible to as wide an audience as possible, within the organization.

  • It must be made accessible in a structured and secure manner. This allows for the maximum mining of the data while preventing any contamination or damage to the underlying data.

  • It must be integrated into production in a secure and efficient manner, allowing user-requests move quickly into production.


Impact: Transform Your Data In Minutes With No Code

The BDM Data Transformation module enables you to combine raw data from one or more sources into a cleansed, structured and enriched output that can be readily used for analysis and further processing – all without writing any code or running any SQL queries on the underlying data. This module allows you to leverage the full potential of your data for relevant, accurate and meaningful insights, which can be distributed across your enterprise.

transformation impact_091619.png
transformation Extensive_091619.png

Solution: Extensive Library Of Transformations

The BDM Data Transformation solution offers well over 100 transformations. These are available across the following technical areas:

  • Aggregation

  • Date/time

  • Mathematical

  • String/ Text

  • Table Manipulation

  • Windows etc

The library is fully extensible allowing for more transformations to be created and added to the module.


Opportunity: Transform data without any hassle 

  • Reduce coding requirements:  Dramatic reduction in code & scripts developed and deployed

  • Remove Complexity of Data-Store Knowledge: No requirement for SQL skills or code knowledge to transform the data

  • Remove the need for expertise: No requirement for Spark expertise to create transformations

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What data do you need to control?

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