Hadoop Governance – GDPR

GDPR requires that all sensitive and personal data is identified and labelled as such, and that access to it is strictly controlled and only allowed with the required permission of the data owner.

Bluemetrix is an expert in the security and governance for Hadoop. We have been working on Hadoop projects for Blue Chip clients for almost ten years, and have developed the most comprehensive programmes and processes ,so you can work with you Big Data infrastructure with peace of mind.

Hadoop Governance GDPR

A new generation of insight

hadoop ingest opportunity

Hadoop-powered Big Data infrastructure provides an incredible opportunity to create a new generation of insight. Collecting, analysing, and making decisions based on analysis of massive amounts of data sets from various sources is very powerful, but also creates a risk.

Before launching any Hadoop initiative, you must ensure that data protection and governance are built in from the outset without exposing the business to risks. Hadoop is an innovative technology, but the overall complexity and rapid development of the Hadoop stack means that many Hadoop clusters deployed and not fully secure. Without ensuring your Hadoop programme of work is GPDR compliant, your ‘Big Data’ programme can easily become a ‘Big Issue’ with a ‘Big Price Tag’.

Over ten years of data compliance and governance

Bluemetrix Data Manager encapsulates all the expertise that Bluemetrix have learned over the years to ensure that all data stored on Hadoop is managed and processed to comply with GDPR regulations. We achieve this as follows:

  • The base Data Governance module – Atlas, Navigator – is used as the primary store for all Meta Data Tags related to the data and for the storing the lineage of the data access
  • During Ingest and Transformation, before an ingest or transformation action can be executed, all of the necessary GDPR data has to be provided i.e.
    • Retention Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Classification of Data
    • Reason for Processing



The highest possible level of GDPR protection

Tightly coupling the GDPR compliance with the actions of Bluemetrix Data Manager Ingest and Transformation processes ensures 100% compliance with the regulations, achieving the highest possible level of protection and enabling you to work with your Hadoop-powered Big Data infrastructure with peace of mind.

If you are interested in an audit of your existing infrastructure to ensure that it complies with impending GPDR legislation, you might be interested in our 10 Step Bluemetrix Security Audit.


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