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Multi-Cloud Data Processing 

Automate data processing across on premise, cloud, multi cloud & hybrid environments

Hybrid Data Processing is a consistent challenge for most organisations. As enterprises adopt cloud at scale across multiply environments, they soon realise they must now manage the native data processing services of each cloud vendor adding complexity and risk. BDM is a data processing layer thatsits across all your environmentsgiving you a single standard processing capability that you control.

How could you increase your data team capabilities with automation?   

Manage data pipeline portability independently


Easily port your data and pipelines across multiple infrastructure and storage options.  

Have freedom from vendor lock-in

Taking back control of your processing reduces the risk of lock-in.  

Visualise the end-to-end process  

Full visualisation of all data activities  

Automate with built-in traceability & lineage

Prebuilt data traceability, tagging and lineage reporting capabilities for data policy adherence  

Process standardisation & control

Apply transparency and control to your data processing activities with full lineage promoting data trust 

How to deal with the most common cloud migration challenges.

Automated Data Operations,
Orchestration & Scheduling Platform

 Put the control, management, and portability back in the hands of your Data Operations team with Bluemetrix Data Processing Platform: BDM Ingest and BDM Control. 

 Data Manager Ingest




Active Directory

 Data Manager Control 






Schema Evolution



Active Directory

Hybrid Data Processing Platform using BDM

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 BDM sits on your spark cluster as a processing and data control gateway enabling autonomous processing regardless of storage and infrastructure either on prem, cloud, multi cloud or hybrid. 


Our approach provides a single view of processing activities across all environments regardless of location or infrastructure. 

Choosing BDM as our core data processing engine has not only increased our data governance and trust capabilities but also reduced data operations cost by 70%.

Head of Data Engineering,
Major European Bank

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