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Delivering Digital Transformation with Intelligent DataOps

Businesses must rely on their decision-making capabilities to innovate and go to market faster to compete and lead in their industry. According to Ovum, poor data can cost businesses at least 30% of revenues. Many organisations have focused on their Analytics and ML capabilities over the last few years ignoring the “data supply chain”.

We find organisations are still struggling to understand the value of streamlining their data operations process due to a lack of awareness coupled with fewer resources. Up to 60% of the time and effort spent creating manual data operations processes can be automated, reducing data time to value from weeks to days.

  1. Slow Ingestion & low data load frequency

  2. No data or access tracking lineage for governance

  3. The high pipeline failure rate

  4. Manual error prone process

  5. Poor data quality

Bluemetrix Data Manager, together with Control-M, delivers an intelligent data operations solution that addresses your organisation's data procedure requirements to ingest, govern, mask, transform and deliver production-ready data to your business.

Delivering Digital Transformation with Intelligent DataOps Data Sheet
Delivering Digital Transformation with Intelligent DataOps

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