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Data Masking

Secure your data in transit and at rest

Challenge: Internal & External Security Threats

Businesses today operate in a data environment with an increased focus on data security. They need to remove the risk of exposure of sensitive information, while at the same time utilizing their data to get the maximum benefit for their business. New regulations require organizations to minimize access to raw data by their employees. The value of sensitive data ensures the risk of loss of data is greater than ever. Non-compliance around GDPR and other regulations can result in large fines for an organization. The challenge for business is how to ensure their data is anonymized in as secure and efficient a manner as possible. 


Impact: Secure your Sensitive Data

BDM Data Masking solution offers over a dozen standard masking algorithms as standard, with the ability to add custom algorithms if required. It delivers a consistent, scalable data-centric, holistic approach to your data. This allows you achieve your compliance requirements for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and other data privacy regulations and requirements.

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Solution: Maximum Security and Reliability

Our Intelligent Data Lake Anonymisation allows different levels of security depending on the algorithm used. In most cases the masking is non-reversible and it is not possible to get back to the original state of the data. There are 12 masking algorithms available as standard. Custom masking algorithms can be developed and deployed as required.


Opportunity: Cost-saving from the potential impact of Data Breach

Dynamic masking of data allows data to be used within an organization in a secure manner, while at the same time preventing any loss of PII or other sensitive data in the event of a security breach. While your organisation can efficiently avoid penalties, they can also minimize data security staff training and overheads with a common platform used for all data security applications. 

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What data do you need to control?

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