BM Transformation

The BM Transformation module uses Spark to carry out transformations on your data via a simple drag and drop interface. We have programmed over 100+ transformation functions in Spark and these are all available in a Library for the user as required (the Library is being constantly added to as requests for new data transformations are received).

With the following three pieces of information:

  • Table Name(s)
  • Column Name(s)
  • Transformation Function

Any user can create a simple or a complex transformation in minutes using Data Manager.


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Transformation task automation

There is no Spark Code created using this module. The BM Transformation module takes the data from the relevant tables that have been ingested by BM Ingest, and applies the transformations in the correct sequence on this data.



As no code is created to carry out a transformation, there is no need to carry out code releases on the Hadoop environment. This means that Business and Data Analysts can get access to the data they have ingested and transformed on the same day that they carry out the work, and do not need to wait weeks to access the data.

The user does not have to have any knowledge on Spark, SQL or HIVE to carry out these transformations. Any Business or Data analyst can take complex SQL queries from traditional EDW’s and re-create them in minutes on Data Manager.


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